Chrysler & Koppin can satisfy all your walk-in refrigerator and freezer needs, with the widest range of prefabricated panels in the industry, a full array of options and accessories, and quality factory installation.


Every Chrysler & Koppin prefabricated walk-in refrigerator and freezer is constructed to the highest quality standards. And, to ensure top quality installation, complete turn-key installation by factory personnel is available.


Custom Panel Construction

Chrysler & Koppin's traditional custom framed panel construction is available for specialized applications. Custom panels are available with polyurethane foam, polystyrene or fiberglass insulation. They are offered in 4" and 5" thicknesses to handle any type of application, including -45º F blast freezers.


By offering a wide range of panel sizes and types, Chrysler & Koppin can properly match the panel to the specific application, providing optimum performance in a cost-effective package. Energy efficiency and reliability are improved, since a properly designed installation reduces the load on mechanical components.


Accessories and Options for Every Type of Application

Chrysler & Koppin offers a full range of top-quality options and accessories to optimize each installation.  Panels and doors are offered in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes.  In addition, a full range of accessories is available to meet special needs and provide convenient, efficient operation.


No matter what type of application, Chrysler & Koppin has the experience and the capabilities necessary for an efficient, high quality installation.


Panels are available in a variety of durable, attractive finishes, and in various thicknesses for a wide range of walk-in refrigerator and freezer applications.


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