Prefabricated Walk-In Refrigerators and Freezers


Beginning in the days of ice and sawdust, Chrysler & Koppin has specialized exclusively in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality commercial and institutional freezers and refrigerators.


Our aim has always been to build quality products that provide the user with lower operating costs, minimal maintenance and extended equipment life. To this end, much of what we provide as standard equipment is only offered as extra cost options by other manufacturers.


In addition to manufacturing the highest quality walk-in refrigerators and freezers in the industry, Chrysler & Koppin offers a wide variety of after-market "turn key" modifications and repairs for both Chrysler & Koppin equipment and other manufacturers.


Following are examples of such projects ...

  • Replacement doors – manufacture, deliver and install complete either acrylic, all foam, or for those heavy-duty applications, wood-framed doors.
  • Supplemental doorframe casing systems – manufacture, deliver and install a complete casing system that will not decrease the existing door opening dimension and will eliminate the need to replace the existing frame.
  • Add a door and frame – manufacture, deliver and install doors and frames for locations where none previously existed.
  • Reseal wall and ceiling panel seams thereby extending the life of the walk-in assembly.
  • Replace heaved walk-in freezer floors with either quarry tile or panel floors.
  • Engineer and install thermostatically controlled freezer floor heating systems.
  • Convert existing refrigerator compartments to operate as a freezer.
  • Install or modify glass service door assemblies or windows in walk-in panels.
  • Provide LED lighting upgrades.
  • Sliding door installation or repair – power or manual.
  • Automotive test chamber door and frame repairs and modifications.
  • Replace doorframe heating elements.

If something more drastic is needed we offer complete turn-key demolition and replacement package – no work by others and the new assembly is custom designed to meet your specific needs.


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